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767-2676 – 1966 Saab 96

July 15, 2016

Readers of a certain age might recall you could dial the letters POP-CORN on the phone to get the exact time. Readers of another age might remember the sound of 2-stroke Saab engines being referred to as popcorn makers, due to their unique soundtrack. Outside of a small cult of enthusiasts, the two-stroke powered Saabs seem to have largely disappeared. When you look at the handful of pre-900 Saabs available online, most have the Ford-derived V4 or the Triumph-derived slant 4, but it’s rather unusual to find a Saab that pegs the weirdness meter even further. Fortunately, they are out there – let’s take a look at this 1966 Saab 96 for sale for $4500 in North Albany, OR.

1966 Saab 96 left rear



NO Beetle – 1969 Saab 96

March 7, 2016

If you’re an extrovert, owning any older car is fun, but cars like the Saab 96 are particularly fun in that way – no doubt, plenty of people will come up to you and ask about your weird little car, and if you’re fortunate enough to have a two-stroke one, they’ll wonder what that weird noise/smell is, or why you’re putting oil in the gas. In 1967, though, Saab moved on to the V4, and by 1969 you could no longer get a two-smoke in your 96, but that probably won’t keep people coming up to you if you decide to drive this 1969 Saab 96 for sale for $3500 in Portland, OR.

1969 Saab 96 left front


Different Strokes – 1972 Saab 96

September 30, 2014

Quick! How many cars can you think of that you could purchase with either a 2- or 4-stroke engine? Anybody? DKW had a 3=6, which became the Auto Union 1000, but that stuck with the two-stroke formula. Citroen’s 2CV looks like it should have a two-stroke, and various Soviet-bloc cars did have two-strokes. In the late 1980s, Trabant and Wartburg started installing VW 4-cylinder engines in their cars, but Saab pioneered the approach of putting a 4-stroke in the home of a 2-stroke in 1967, with candidates vying for a place behind the airplane badge including the Volvo B18 (sacrilege!), the Ford V4 (meh), Triumph 1300 (foreshadowing!), Lancia V4 (philosophically closest), Hillman/Climax, as well as engines from Volkswagen and Opel. The final winner was the Taunus V4 engine, so if you don’t mind an ordinary powerplant in an extraordinary car, try out this 1972 Saab 96, for sale for $3950 in Hobe Sound, FL.

1972 Saab 96 right front