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Too Nice – 1982 Porsche 924

January 23, 2016

There aren’t many older Porsches that are still maligned by the market, so cars like the 914 and 912 have, in their old age, found popularity among classic car enthusiasts. But if you’re dying for an unpopular Porsche, and the Cayenne is not your thing, or you’re looking for an alternative to an Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT or BMW 320i, or you don’t care about engines, the Porsche 924 is worth a closer look. With 115hp from its 2-liter engine going through a 5-speed transaxle and a good size trunk with a 2+2 layout, it’s a practical weekend car for reasonably short money. So let’s take a look at this 1982 Porsche 924 for sale for $4000 in Monmouth, OR.

1982 Porsche 924 right side



Porsche Creates A New Porsche – 1979 Porsche 924

November 9, 2015

The Porsche 924 maintains its less-than-desirable reputation, but look at other Porsches past that were disliked by “real” Porsche enthusiasts which are now very popular – the 356 and the 914, for example, or even the 911 targa. If that doesn’t help, try taking it out of the context of Porsche and evaluating it on its own merits – a front engine, rear-transaxle layout for good balance, a common engine with a Porsche-designed head and 95hp in North American spec, and a decent sized rear trunk for stowing all those hair products to keep your mullet and your lady-friend’s feathered hair in tip-top shape. Check out this 1979 Porsche 924 for sale for $3500 in North Plains, OR.

1979 Porsche 924 right side


Slow Porsche – 1979 Porsche 924 Sebring Edition

December 3, 2013

Even Porsche wasn’t immune to the 1970s trend of stripes ‘n’ stickers special editions. For 1976 and 1977, they produced the Martini special edition of the 924, and for 1979, the Sebring edition of the same car. However, while the Martini cars received front and rear sway bars, the Sebring cars were purely striped, and wore a red and blue tartan interior. The stickers were likely added because the car was selling slowly, receiving the same reception as the 914 in its day, and that continues to be the truth today. You can find this 1979 Porsche 924 Sebring Edition for sale in Orange, CA, for $2500, where it has been for sale since at least this May.

1979 Porsche 924 Sebring left front