Porsche Creates A New Porsche – 1979 Porsche 924

The Porsche 924 maintains its less-than-desirable reputation, but look at other Porsches past that were disliked by “real” Porsche enthusiasts which are now very popular – the 356 and the 914, for example, or even the 911 targa. If that doesn’t help, try taking it out of the context of Porsche and evaluating it on its own merits – a front engine, rear-transaxle layout for good balance, a common engine with a Porsche-designed head and 95hp in North American spec, and a decent sized rear trunk for stowing all those hair products to keep your mullet and your lady-friend’s feathered hair in tip-top shape. Check out this 1979 Porsche 924 for sale for $3500 in North Plains, OR.

1979 Porsche 924 right side

Why was flesh-tone ever a good color for cars, much less a sports car? Perhaps this color’s real downfall was the later development of computer equipment, all in the same bland tone. Only some contrasting aggressive striping and spoilers could have a hope of making this color desirable. Nonetheless, the car appears to be in excellent original condition. This car is said to benefit from much recent work, including new belts, hoses, fluids, ignition parts, struts, shocks, tie rod ends and more. The seller is only selling because he’s acquired a 944, which suggests that after doing all that work, he discovered the performance was not what he expected.

1979 Porsche 924 left side

The seller specifically says the car is not a project, but something to start driving now, and the condition certainly suggests the same. Mudflaps are a neat period touch, as are the black wheels with silver lip. It’s odd that Porsche chose to use side reflectors that look like what you’d find on the side of any old trailer. The body design doesn’t stand out like it did in 1976, but that’s because the shape was emulated so many times by others, most notably Mazda’s RX7.

1979 Porsche 924 interior

The interior seems to be in very good condition, with no cracks on the dash, and what’s visible of the driver’s seat is good too. The only issue is a rather large gap around the center speaker grill. How many contemporary VW components can you spot on this car? Manufacturers still do plenty of component sharing, but it’s mostly not as transparent as it used to be. For fun, have a look at the compilation of 924 advertisements below. Could you overlook the comparison to its siblings and consider one of these?


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