Too Nice – 1982 Porsche 924

There aren’t many older Porsches that are still maligned by the market, so cars like the 914 and 912 have, in their old age, found popularity among classic car enthusiasts. But if you’re dying for an unpopular Porsche, and the Cayenne is not your thing, or you’re looking for an alternative to an Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT or BMW 320i, or you don’t care about engines, the Porsche 924 is worth a closer look. With 115hp from its 2-liter engine going through a 5-speed transaxle and a good size trunk with a 2+2 layout, it’s a practical weekend car for reasonably short money. So let’s take a look at this 1982 Porsche 924 for sale for $4000 in Monmouth, OR.

1982 Porsche 924 right side

Aside from the really bright colors found on the early cars, this metallic burgundy color is one of the most attractive options on this car, easily beating out the beige and brown colors so popular on these. Being from the ultimate year of production, this car is one of only 2277 built for the US. The reason for sale seems pretty harsh – originally purchased for a teenage daughter, the seller decided it was too cool to let her ruin it. One could argue it’s a good learning experience to help your offspring understand how to look after an older car, but you’ll definitely want to pry into what led to that conclusion – hopefully the car hasn’t sustained any significant damage in her hands.

1982 Porsche 924 left front

The car is said to drive well, and has new paint, a good body, newer tires and starter, and service receipts. The seller is evidently trying to recoup his investment, which doesn’t always lead to realistic pricing expectations, so combined with his mention of increasing old Porsche prices, you should be prepared for that. Nonetheless, a little haggling might end you up with a fair price for a good looking 924, and records for recent service will help you come to a good final offer.

1982 Porsche 924 interior

The car is said to have Recaro seats, and the bolsters do look to be pretty stout under those budget covers, but you’ll want to look underneath and make sure everything’s okay – if it is, those covers belong in the box they came in, back on the shelf at Walmart. Unfortunately, some controls are the same cheap stuff you’d find on a 1982 Rabbit, and the passenger window is said to need a new switch. Among all the 924s that seem to be very neglected, this looks like a great example that’s worth cross-shopping with other, more popular cars.


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