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Final Year – 1984 BMW 633 CSi

September 17, 2014

Every car enthusiast has their favorite iteration of BMW’s E24 6-series, whether it’s one of the European models, a coachbuilt convertible, or the M6. But even the lowliest 628 still has the presence of that gorgeous design, styled by Paul Bracq with input from Bob Lutz. Thankfully, many are at the point of being fully depreciated, so skipping a mortgage payment or two will allow you to put an E24 in your garage. Check out this 1984 BMW 633 CSi, for sale for $2800 in Reno, NV.

1984 BMW 633CSi right front


Eighties Coupes – 1981 BMW 633 CSi

February 25, 2014

Here we are again, looking at cheaper alternatives to a BMW icon, namely, the E9 coupe of 1968 – 1975. The obvious and nearest choice is the BMW E3 (2500/2800/Bavaria/3.0S), but if you prefer the style of a coupe, the E24 6-series comes pretty close in terms of elegance and performance. You still get a nice open greenhouse, the forward-angled shark nose, and the famous BMW six, along with a reduced (although far from eliminated) propensity to rust and the enhanced reliability and comforts found in a more modern car. Check out this 1981 BMW 633 CSi, for sale for $3000 (negotiable) in Walnut Creek, CA.

1981 BMW 633CSi left front


Creamy – 1980 BMW 633 CSi

November 14, 2013

One of BMW’s most successful designs, the E24 6-series coupe is a beautiful car, on the bucket list of many a car enthusiast. In spite of its similarities to the first-generation (E23) 7-series, it’s actually based on the E12 (and later, E28) 5-series sedan. Powered by the M30B32 engine with 181hp and 195lb.-ft. of torque, you’d think it would be an absolute rocket, and while it is fairly fast, it’s also fairly heavy at just shy of 3300 lb. But those are exactly the ingredients for a great long-distance cruiser, which is why you should find one far from home and, after a careful prepurchase inspection, get acquainted on a road trip. This 1980 BMW 633 CSi is for sale in Umpqua, OR for a mere $2750.

1980 BMW 633 CSi for sale left front