Final Year – 1984 BMW 633 CSi

Every car enthusiast has their favorite iteration of BMW’s E24 6-series, whether it’s one of the European models, a coachbuilt convertible, or the M6. But even the lowliest 628 still has the presence of that gorgeous design, styled by Paul Bracq with input from Bob Lutz. Thankfully, many are at the point of being fully depreciated, so skipping a mortgage payment or two will allow you to put an E24 in your garage. Check out this 1984 BMW 633 CSi, for sale for $2800 in Reno, NV.

1984 BMW 633CSi right front

Oxidized paint, oxidized trim, probably a cracked dash if you look closely… those are the downsides. But reading the listing shows some details hinting at a well-maintained spare car – 111,000 indicated miles, new battery, radiator, clutch master and slave cylinders, modern Bluetooth compatible stereo, and recently serviced cold air conditioning. The handsome lines are very visible, and the car wears Ronal 5-spoke wheels more commonly seen on Mercedes of the period.

1984 BMW 633CSi left rear

Those wheels look nice, though, and give extra room for performance rubber. For you BMW diehards who are foaming at the mouth about the title of this article, this is the last year of the 633 CSi. However, the car does benefit from the more usable Bosch Motronic system and upgraded E28 platform, and the M30B32 engine put out a respectable 181hp/195 lb.-ft. of torque. Strangely, there is no picture of the engine – does today’s world of cars with plastic covers over the engine mean even old car nuts don’t look under the hood?

1984 BMW 633CSi interior

The interior looks intact and in decent shape, though the dash mat probably covers up cracks, the light tan seats need a thorough cleaning and moisturizing, and the carpet probably needs to be shampooed. But you do get a 5-speed manual transmission, something that would become rarer and rarer as the Reagan years soldiered on. With a little cleaning, you could have a pretty tidy driver for short money, especially if you can leave the paint to the next owner.


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