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Rare Swede – 1980 Saab 900 5-door

March 25, 2010

Once in a while, I try to torture my friends by selling them links to cars they like, but can’t buy, for lack of space, time, or whatever. This is one of those cars – my friend Chris had one of these, so whenever I find one, I pass it along. While Saab 900s of the original generation are still fairly common (unlike the 99s – where did they all go?), the 5-door 900 was only offered very early on in the model run. Soon after they pulled the 5-door from the market, Saab brought a 4-door 900 sedan to the market, and of course the 5-door 9000 showed up in 1986.

This particular car is one of those few 5-doors. As with most older Saabs, it’s been a workhorse most of its life, and so it’s got some rough spots. And our example, listed for $850 in Phoenix, OR (near Medford), is really too good to pass up.

1980 Saab 900 5-door front left