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Mixed Feelings – 2005 Toyota Corolla XRS

November 24, 2015

Mostly, RustyButTrusty’s domain is confined to cars 30 years and older, but every so often, something interesting pops up that’s hard to avoid featuring. You’re probably asking yourself why a Corolla would even be here, as, apart from being trusty, it’s pretty much the antithesis of everything ever featured here. Well, there are a couple of interesting features on this car that make it a viable successor to many of the front-wheel-drive 4AGE-powered Toyota and Geo products of the 1980s. Check out this 2005 Toyota Corolla XRS for sale for $4500 in Corvallis, OR.

2005 Toyota Corolla XRS right front



Mixed Feelings – 1995 Range Rover County LWB

November 24, 2015

Range Rovers bring up mixed feelings. On the one hand, they’re an iconic design and an extremely capable, well-designed vehicle, but on the other hand, they’re responsible (together with the Ford Explorer) for the concept of the modern SUV. Looking past the social baggage that carries, they are more practical and capable in utilitarian situations, like driving on trails, towing trailers loaded with rusty old sports cars, and driving over curbs and speed bumps at the mall snowdrifts. Recognizing these strengths, let’s take a look at this 1995 Range Rover County LWB for sale for $3900 in Vancouver, WA.

1995 Range Rover County LWB left front


Same Same But… – 1984 VW Jetta GLI

November 23, 2015

Searching online listings sometimes brings up interesting dilemmas, like the fact that you can choose between a car that originally sold for $8610 in its year of manufacture, or one that sold for $36,000 in the same year, both in apparently similar condition. Both are faded silver, one has 26,000 more miles, and both have 1980s-ish mesh wheels with rubber that’s too low-profile. All that said, one might be a little more complex to repair and more durable, while the other will have you scrambling to keep up with flimsy rattling plastic trim, but reward you with simpler construction. Yesterday’s 733i is one half of this equation – the other half is this 1984 VW Jetta GLI, for sale for a surprisingly familiar $2400 in Wilsonville, OR.

1984 Volkswagen Jetta GLI left rear