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Better Days – 1970 Ford LTD XL

April 13, 2016

Having just looked at an example of a now-rare Ford coupe, let’s take a look at another less-common coupe from the same manufacturer. Eighteen years makes enough of a difference that if you looked up “complete opposite of the Ford EXP” in the dictionary, you’d probably find a picture of a Ford LTD XL. Funny enough, the LTD XL coupe was never that much of a success either, in spite of its interesting styling, which showed that Ferrari is not the only F-brand that could make cars with a flying-buttress roof. Let’s take a closer look at this 1970 Ford LTD XL for sale for $3500 in Battle Ground, WA.

1970 Ford LTD XL left front



All Creatures Great & Small – 1968 Ford XL Fastback and 1980 Ford Fiesta

October 20, 2015

People like to make fun of American manufacturers’ products from the late 1970s, but while recognizing there were some real blunders in there, you have to look at what the manufacturers were going through. And for a good idea of that, just look at today’s pair of cars. They’re separated by a mere 12 years (okay, and the Atlantic separated the two product teams), but compare those two to, say, a 2003 Taurus and a 2015 Fiesta and you’ll notice how relatively drastic the transition was. Of course, the situation was uniquely disastrous in the short term – a fuel crisis combined with new safety and emissions controls gave them a repeated clobbering. Check out this 1968 Ford XL for sale for $3600 in Spokane, WA.

1968 Ford XL nose


Ford Monday – 1969 Ford Galaxie LTD XL Convertible

February 17, 2014

1969 marked the first model year for the final generation of Ford Galaxie for North America. Bigger is better was still the watchword for Ford, and the new Galaxie was longer and had a larger top-spec engine with more power. Convertibles were still part of the lineup, along with sedans, 2- and 4-door hardtops, and wagons, and for 1969 they had concealed headlamps, a protruding center grill section, and a body-color bar stretching across the center of the grill. You can find this 1969 Ford Galaxie LTD XL convertible for sale for $2450 in El Cajon, CA.

1969 Ford Galaxie LTD XL convertible right front