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Last of the MBicans – 1992 Mercedes 300 SE

January 27, 2015

There’s a lot of moaning, and probably has been since the curved dash Olds was phased out, that the real insert-marque-here no longer exists. And so it is with Mercedes – since about the W211 E-class Mercedes, where the company made a distinct shift in thinking, adding more style to their cars and adjusting the quality to the expectation of their clients, not engineers and automotive journalists. They don’t make insert-thing-here like they used to, and while the things they used to make are great in their own way, we probably have fewer people losing control of their cars, getting electrocuted by home appliances, or hurting their kid with a poorly designed toy. For a car that won’t electrocute you even though it is made like it used to be, check out this 1992 Mercedes 300SE for sale for $3500 in Fremont, CA.

1992 Mercedes S320 left front