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Cheap Thing, You Make Everything Groovy – 1974 VW Thing

July 11, 2014

Given the relative lack of Mini Mokes and Citroen Meharis in the North American market, you’d think the VW Type 181 Thing would have a lock on the audience who thinks doors, windows, a roof, carpet, and more are the conceit of capitalist pigs, and who aren’t crazy about the handling compromises you get with a Jeep, Bronco, or Scout. And you’d be right, which is why pricing in the low five figures is normal for these cars. At least one reactionary sees clearly, though, that this car should be priced so any comrade can afford it, so if you’re one of those, check out this 1974 VW Thing for sale for $4200 in San Jose, CA.

1974 VW Thing right front