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The Anti-SL – 1972 Triumph Stag

November 9, 2013

Who doesn’t like a small-displacement V8? Manufacturers with lofty reputations like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and BMW have sold small V8s. And, who doesn’t like Italian bodies? Manufacturers across the board have sold cars with Italian-styled bodies, from the pedestrian VW Golf/Rabbit to the exotic Iso, Maserati, and more. So a V8-powered sporting cabriolet with Italian styling couldn’t go wrong, could it? Well, ordinarily yes, but mix in labor unrest and British Leyland cost cutting and everything starts to go pear-shaped. Timing chains break, engines overheat, safety regulations result in a big, hideous rollbar from the factory, and the expected power doesn’t materialize. Nonetheless, the Triumph Stag is still alluring to a certain twisted percentage of the populace. You can find this 1972 Triumph Stag for sale in Bremerton, WA for a mere $3500.

1972 Triumph Stag for sale left front