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Replace your slave cylinder plus bonus Beta update!

July 14, 2009

While messing with the Lancia and knowing I had some upcoming work on the Alfetta, I took the latter down to the garage in exchange for the former, which I took to Custom Alignment for some new tires and then up to Jaan for final resolution on the rough running and lack of power (more on that later). When I got back to the garage a couple of weeks back just to fire the Alfetta up and take it around the block a bit, the clutch dropped straight to the floor. Sure enough, there was a puddle under the rear of the car (transaxle in the back means the slave is back there too). So I continued on my star-crossed seatbelt installation and left the rest for later.

I picked up a new slave from Alfa Parts for about $67. While this is more than some other vendors charge, I’d read some things which led me to doubt the quality of the cheaper parts, plus I’m all about supporting local vendors, especially those that can get a part to me by Friday when I order on Thursday afternoon.

Alfetta - new slave cylinder


Alfetta upgrades, first try

June 22, 2009

Since I’m pushing the low-cost repairs as a way to keep your old car hobby up during the recession, here’s an update on a couple of things I’ve been trying at. Minor projects, but complicated by my inexperience with the work at hand… one of the frustrations of the hobby is finding enough time to work on the cars. Between work and quality time with friends/family, there’s not a lot of time left to play with 4 cars. And it bothers me when my cars are not running properly or need repairs!

Alfetta front belt