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850 in Drag – 1970 Siata Spring

September 23, 2015

Siata’s Spring is kind of an odd duck. Can you imagine the discussions between management and design? “Well, Gianni, Alfa Romeo is doing a Gran Sport Quattroruote Zagato to celebrate their heritage by dropping a miniaturized 6C1750 GS Spider Zagato body on their Giulia platform. And in America, everyone is putting 1940 Ford and Rolls Royce hoods on their VW Beetles. We’re falling behind the market here, so let’s get on with it and throw something together so people know Fiata (?) has still got it!” And thus, the Spring was born – a classic car that does not draw on Siata’s distinguished history (or Fiat’s, or anyone else’s), rather looking like an anonymized picture of a classic car you see in one of those ads for body shops in the phone book. Check out this 1970 Siata Spring for sale for $3900 in San Diego, CA.

1970 Siata Spring right side


This Is The End – 1970 Siata Spring

March 18, 2015

As a car manufacturer and modifier, Siata had some pretty high points. They produced some achingly beautiful cars, and did many of the same things as Abarth. Unfortunately, the Spring was not one of the high points. Based on the Fiat 850, with misproportioned pseudo-1930s styling, Siata somehow thought they were building a car that would appeal to young people. Would you believe the front end was styled by Enrico Fumia, the same man responsible for the design of the Alfa Romeo 164? And that raises an interesting question – the car’s ends look like they were styled by two different people. Nonetheless, if you want a 1930s replicar, but the Alfa Romeo Quattroruote is too pricey, and the Beetle-based pseudo-Alfas and Bugattis are just too pedestrian for you, maybe this will do the trick. Check out this 1970 Siata Spring for sale for $3000 in Dayton, OR.

1970 Siata Spring right front