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Cheap for an RX-2? 1974 Mazda RX-2

April 7, 2014

Any European or Japanese car enthusiast should be able to easily appreciate the virtues of the Mazda RX-2. Sharing styling cues with the Fiat 124 coupe and Dino coupe, or with the Opel Manta if that’s your preference, it had the power and smoothness of Mazda’s licensed-from-NSU rotary engine. Further developed at this point, the 12A rotary was starting to show increasing levels of reliability to go with its power, but ultimately didn’t survive in family sedans thanks to the oil crisis, which shone a bright light on its drinking problem. You can find this 1974 Mazda RX-2 sedan for sale for $2750 in Snellville, GA (northeast of Atlanta).

1974 Mazda RX-2 left front