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Classy Glassy – 1975 Bradley GT

February 10, 2014

At the lower end of the hobby, you can end up with a lot of sellers conveying the first impression of their cars with only one picture. It’s kind of like if the local news anchor wore a formal shirt and jacket, but shorts underneath, only now since news anchors don’t sit behind a desk, your impression of him would be spoiled right away. Blathering aside, you don’t want to overlook every car just because of the listing quality – remember, we all used to find cars via 4-line ads in the local papers, and somehow that worked out. As mentioned in the past, Bradleys and other VW-based kit cars are appealing in a certain way – due to the ubiquity of the platform and the engine, it should be fairly straightforward to modify these for surprising performance that matches (or exceeds, if it’s a Faux-gatti, Faux-TD or similar) the looks. And to underscore the point, this 1975 Bradley GT, for sale for $2000 in Wellston, OH, has a bunch of upgrades to do just that. Thanks to reader Rich G. for sending in this suggestion.

1975 Bradley GT right rear