Classy Glassy – 1975 Bradley GT

At the lower end of the hobby, you can end up with a lot of sellers conveying the first impression of their cars with only one picture. It’s kind of like if the local news anchor wore a formal shirt and jacket, but shorts underneath, only now since news anchors don’t sit behind a desk, your impression of him would be spoiled right away. Blathering aside, you don’t want to overlook every car just because of the listing quality – remember, we all used to find cars via 4-line ads in the local papers, and somehow that worked out. As mentioned in the past, Bradleys and other VW-based kit cars are appealing in a certain way – due to the ubiquity of the platform and the engine, it should be fairly straightforward to modify these for surprising performance that matches (or exceeds, if it’s a Faux-gatti, Faux-TD or similar) the looks. And to underscore the point, this 1975 Bradley GT, for sale for $2000 in Wellston, OH, has a bunch of upgrades to do just that. Thanks to reader Rich G. for sending in this suggestion.

1975 Bradley GT right rear

This car looks surprisingly good in yellow. Apparently, someone called Heath is preventing the restoration the seller had planned, which is either an interesting story or just a funny little typo. The engine is a 1500 that is said to have been modified with headers and more. The seller has already shown it and won a trophy at Pebble Beach in the “Faux-rarri 1970-1983, $995 and under” class, but leaves it to the lucky new buyer to install the interior parts he’s accumulated. There is no mention of the condition of the pan, but if the current one is rough, the easiest road to good health is probably to slide a pan from another car in there. Sure, it still won’t ever be a real Italian sports car (on the Fiat or Lamborghini ends of the spectrum), but for how many sports cars can you still go to the local chain store and pick up parts?

If you’d like to submit a car you thought is a good candidate, please use the contact form.


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One Response to “Classy Glassy – 1975 Bradley GT”

  1. Dan D Says:

    I guess Heath must have absconded with the camera as well….

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