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Hantariffic Betagasm – Lancia Beta Collection

June 16, 2015

Corvairs are much maligned as the classic car that attracts the greatest number of equivalents to the crazy cat ladies of the world, and while that stereotype might have roots in some truth, there are certainly plenty of normal Corvair fans who are in recovery have their addiction under control only have one or two Corvairs. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other car makes that seem to attract hoarders collectors, and though this person is probably in a crowd of one, evidently Lancia Betas aroused that tendency in someone. Check out this Lancia Beta collection for sale for $2100 in Penn Valley, CA.

1975 Lancia Beta HPE left front


Boise Betas – HPE, Coupe, and Zagatos

June 30, 2009

Since I’m feeling guilty (or something) for finally giving in on my Beta sedan and taking it up to a professional in Berkeley, I figured I’d do a post on Betas. Call it an act of contrition, if you like. Speaking from my experiences working on these cars, I would move on any of these cars with a certain level of trepidation, but I have to say they’re still very attractive in terms of the performance and technology you get in these late-70s cars. Maybe it’s just setting the correct expectations – with these cars at such low prices, expect to do a certain amount of mechanical work before having a reliable, smooth-running driver.

Who knew there were so many Betas in Boise? With four on the market at the same time, Boise must be a veritable hotbed of Lancia enthusiasts. With the varied assortment, you have to think that somewhere in the Boise area, there’s a Berlina hiding in someone’s garage. This first pair is pretty interesting – an HPE and a Coupe, both from 1979. Unfortunately, the HPE has an automatic transmission and is missing a carb, but from my perspective that’s a good reason to source a fuel-injected 2000 engine with a 5-speed and drop that in, instead of bothering with the strangling emissions equipment. The good news is, the coupe is a runner, so you can keep the flame alive with that while finding and installing that 2000. The HPE is also listed separately at $200, but you can get the whole package here at $750 in Meridian, ID.

1979 Lancia Beta HPE & Coupe