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Replace your fuel pump

May 22, 2009

As I’m catching up on all the little projects I’ve done over my brief ownership of my Lancia Beta, I realized I’ve got things a little out of order – I was having problems with the fuel pump, so decided to replace it. All the jiggling of the metal fuel lines agitated them and caused the leakage mentioned in a prior post. Anyway, on to the replacement of the pump – once I’d realized it needed occasional hitting to get it to run, and since it appeared to be the original pump, I decided to replace it with a modern pump to remove another possible point of failure. Based on recommendations, I got the Carter P60504 from Pep Boys – it’s easily available and more-or-less fits the original mounts, and at $51.99 including a pre-pump filter it fits the criteria of being a budget repair.

Lancia Beta original fuel pump