Replace your fuel pump

As I’m catching up on all the little projects I’ve done over my brief ownership of my Lancia Beta, I realized I’ve got things a little out of order – I was having problems with the fuel pump, so decided to replace it. All the jiggling of the metal fuel lines agitated them and caused the leakage mentioned in a prior post. Anyway, on to the replacement of the pump – once I’d realized it needed occasional hitting to get it to run, and since it appeared to be the original pump, I decided to replace it with a modern pump to remove another possible point of failure. Based on recommendations, I got the Carter P60504 from Pep Boys – it’s easily available and more-or-less fits the original mounts, and at $51.99 including a pre-pump filter it fits the criteria of being a budget repair.

Lancia Beta original fuel pump

Above, you can see the original pump in place. At this point I’d already removed the bracket that holds it in its mount, but the original fuel line routing and orientation are visible. The mount it sits in bolts up flush against the body under the car, and has vents facing to the back of the car. When I first pulled it, the mount had a bunch of mud and icky spidery stuff in it.

Lancia Beta new fuel pump in mount

Here you can see the fuel pump all mounted up before being buttoned up against the body. I had some problems routing the fuel line without it kinking, and ended up removing the original anti-return valve (or whatever that was) from the system. So far it hasn’t presented any issues.

Lancia Beta new fuel pump buttoned up

Lastly, here’s an image of the pump up against the floor of the car. You can see where I routed the fuel lines out to accomodate the filter. I’m not sure this is ideal under the car like this, but I don’t go off road that often, so it should be fine. So far, so good on the pump, but as I said I’m still having fuel starvation issues and am continuing the battle.

On an administrative note, I was just able to add a nice rusty header thanks to Thanks to them, I don’t have to go out & take a shot of the rust on my Alfetta!


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3 Responses to “Replace your fuel pump”

  1. Dan Yee Says:

    Hi Chris,
    Was surfing to find info on replacing an ignition switch in a friend’s Alfa Spider and came across your site. I’ve enjoyed reading through it and being entertained.

  2. Dan Yee Says:

    Yes, I added a relay earlier. Finished reading your pedal pushers tour, sounds like fun. May try to attend in the future with my Yugo. If you are ever interested in joining a tour with the Fiat club let me know.

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