1962 Datsun Bluebird 312 Station Wagon

Here’s a car that closer fits the oddball category than some of the other cars I’ve featured recently – a 1962 Datsun Bluebird 312 Station Wagon for $2650 in Calistoga, CA. I know, generally Japanese cars and oddball don’t go that well together. But they do when you reach this far back! I can’t honestly say I’ve ever seen one of these in person – if anything, I’ve seen its pickup brother on the road, which has a similar front end with a pickup tail. While the build quality of Japanese cars was not up to the European or American competition, my understanding is that even the older cars scored pretty well with reliability. This little car, while probably not so powerful, would still be a fun and unique ride to run around town.

1962 Datsun 312 wagon front

As you can see in the picture above, this car did not get the Italian styling that some of the other 1960s Japanese cars received. It looks a little bit more like something you’d see coming from Britain. While the paint is faded, the car looks generally complete. Since it’s had a long period of storage, it might be fine with just a freshening of fluids and their systems, plus maybe some exhaust patching.

1962 Datsun 312 wagon side

Moving around the car, you can see the side view with doors open. The interior looks reasonably complete from what is visible, but the seller mentions the headliner is missing. The rear has some influence from a Volkswagen squareback of the same period, particularly the way the fenders end in those small tail lights.

1962 Datsun 312 wagon rear

This is really a neat little car – looks like something compact and European, maybe an alternative to a Fiat Millecento wagon. I would want to make sure all the trim is there, since I’m sure those bits are hard to find. The seller’s price may be a little high, although there’s not much to compare it to… since he’s had it listed at least a couple of times, go with cash in hand and be prepared to make an offer if you’re interested.


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4 Responses to “1962 Datsun Bluebird 312 Station Wagon”

  1. aaron Says:

    Nice site! Glad to have some company in the rustbucket blogosphere.

    Definitely agree about the similarities to VW squareback and just about any British sedan of the time. (You’re almost surprised at the lack of louvers on the rear fenders.)

    But to me these 320s feel outdated, even for their era; the Pininfarina 410/411s seem like a giant leap into the 60s. Once those took off the 510 was not far behind, and then forgetaboutit.

  2. Gemma Says:

    I learned to drive a stick shift on a Datsun Bluebird, very cool little car.

  3. Mario uribe Says:

    I have and i love datsun because my father but he died a long time ago I am from México and I speak spanish . I have one 1962 station wagon 1962 like a new, papers increíble mai be i sale 3500 usd is black but new,, my cell is 0445533333333 or mariouribe@mrmoto.com.mx

  4. Matthew Schoenwald Says:

    Is this car still available?
    Thank you.

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