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McDonough, Georgia, Part 1 – 1978 Ford Fiesta

May 20, 2016

Unless you live around Atlanta, you probably couldn’t be expected to know where McDonough is. But apparently it’s some kind of cheap-odd-compact-hatch epicenter, as we’ll see today and tomorrow, though not due to any obvious reason like, say, close proximity to Road Atlanta or downtown Atlanta. And while Ford’s Fiesta was not really odd, especially in a European context, it was unusual in the United States, both for its short visit to the North American market and its fun-to-drive approach to being an inexpensive car. The folded paper design also owes a lot to VW’s Rabbit, though the Rabbit was a more substantial car. If you have sporting intentions, though, that works in the Fiesta’s favor. Check out this 1978 Ford Fiesta for sale for $2000 in McDonough, GA.

1978 Ford Fiesta right front


Ranger XR4Ti – 1989 Ford Ranger Turbo

April 16, 2016

There aren’t many trucks that capture that 1980s sense of turbocharged fun – Toyota briefly offered turbocharged versions of its Hilux trucks in the 1980s, and of course there was GMC’s over-the-top Syclone, but that was about it. If you wanted something with a peaky turbo engine and the ability to haul half the contents of a 1-bedroom apartment, you had to look to Sweden, where you could get a Saab 900 turbo or a Volvo 240 Turbo wagon. But what if you didn’t? Answering that question is this 1989 Ford Ranger turbo for sale for $4000 in Vancouver, WA.

1989 Ford Ranger turbo right front


Better Days – 1970 Ford LTD XL

April 13, 2016

Having just looked at an example of a now-rare Ford coupe, let’s take a look at another less-common coupe from the same manufacturer. Eighteen years makes enough of a difference that if you looked up “complete opposite of the Ford EXP” in the dictionary, you’d probably find a picture of a Ford LTD XL. Funny enough, the LTD XL coupe was never that much of a success either, in spite of its interesting styling, which showed that Ferrari is not the only F-brand that could make cars with a flying-buttress roof. Let’s take a closer look at this 1970 Ford LTD XL for sale for $3500 in Battle Ground, WA.

1970 Ford LTD XL left front