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Generic Car Name – 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster

October 1, 2014

As with most car manufacturers, Chevrolet brought back largely the same cars after World War 2, since little money had been spent on development of new models. And the American public was happily gobbling up everything they could produce, even paying huge mark-ups for the privilege of having a new set of wheels after 4 years’ production embargo. And while the wood-bodied Fleetmaster wagons are most popular, and the top Fleetline trim level being more luxurious, the mid-range Fleetmaster gets you most of the experience. And it’s not like you’re foregoing air conditioning and GPS, as you couldn’t get either back then. Check out this 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster for sale for $2995 in Happy Valley, OR.

1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster left front