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Go to Heckflosse – 1963 Mercedes 220 Sb

June 2, 2016

If you’re looking for a classic that could make a solid daily driver, with good durability and reliability, but the usual Volvo/Toyota/American classics are not your thing, you could do worse than looking at the postwar Mercedes lineup. These were the years during which Mercedes built up their reputation for elegant, conservative, and cost-no-object engineered cars that would, with thoughtful maintenance, go far further into the six-figure mileage numbers than any of their contemporaries. That said, many of those cars involve a performance sacrifice, being equipped with not-so-powerful four cylinder diesel or gasoline engines, sometimes paired with automatic transmissions, so it’s nice to see an affordable old fintail with a six. Check out this 1963 Mercedes 220 for sale for $3250 in Portland, OR.

1963 Mercedes 220 right rear