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Rare Truck – 1959 Jeep FC-170

January 16, 2014

In the immediate post-war years, Jeep wanted to offer a larger truck to those customers needing more than the Willys Jeep Truck and DJ-3A/FJ-3A could do. So, evidently glancing at Europe, and at the then-new cab-over-engine full-size trucks, they came up with the Forward Control series. These were offered in various different formats to allow coachbuilders to add their own bodies, and the platform was used for ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks, delivery vans, and more – just about anything you’d see on a modern COE truck or van platform today. Unfortunately, they were not very successful, with only 30,000 sold over eight years of production. You can find this 1959 Jeep FC-170 for sale in Sacramento, CA with an opening bid of $2350 and only 8 hours left to go.

Jeep FC-170 for sale