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Madness – 1977 Lotus Eclat Trio

August 23, 2014

Every so often, you run across a person where you think, “if I weren’t married…” or “if I were young enough to be adopted…”. This might just be one of those cases – perhaps RustyButTrusty needs a poster child, or a mentor, because the seller of this feature is mad enough to qualify. He is selling not one, not two, but three!!! Lotus Elites in various states of disrepair. While we can’t endorse the disrepair, this fellow’s collection does bring out a tear of joy. Check out this trio of1977 Lotus Eclats for sale for $2350 each ($1800 for the parts car) in Milpitas, CA.

1977 Lotus Eclat black right front


Sleep With One Eye Open – 1979 Lotus Eclat

August 13, 2014

Lotuses are a rare feature here – their reputation is for being needy, their exotic status makes them rare, and some of the more affordable models suffer from questionable aesthetics. In fact, the most likely way you’ll find a Lotus here is under the hood of a Jensen Healey, in the form of the 907 engine. However, for today we’ve got a full-on Lotus for you, in the form of a four-place GT with wedgy, fastback styling that epitomizes some of the design and aerodynamic trends of the time. Check out this 1979 Lotus Eclat for sale for $3500 somewhere in southern Washington near Portland, OR.

1979 Lotus Eclat right front