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Slow-vakian – 1986 Skoda 120GLS and 1989 Skoda 135GLi

February 1, 2014

Ha! You thought a pun was coming about the Czech part of this car’s country of origin, like, say Czech it out. But we here are full of surprises, including these cars themselves. Back in the 1980s, around the time Yugo was establishing a short-lived presence on the US market, Skoda was doing the same in Canada. And like Yugo, they became a national joke among Canadians, along with Hyundai Ponies and Ladas. However, some still survive with oddball car enthusiasts who recognize them for the interesting cars they are. You can find this 1986 Skoda 120GLS for sale in White Rock, BC for $1200.

1986 Skoda 120GLS right front