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Big as Whales – 1972 Mercury Monterey and 1973 Buick Electra Coupe

September 3, 2014

It’s interesting to see how if you look beyond the popular models from Chevrolet and Buick, as we did with yesterday’s Dodge, you can find some interesting, very well-preserved American classics for really short money. Apply the usual caveats about pictures hiding the truth you could find in a real inspection, especially on humid-state cars, but a little bit of looking around yields some really nice grandpa cars that would probably make great companions for an interstate drive from their home to yours. The first example of this is this 1972 Mercury Monterey for sale for $1999 (payable in 3 EASY monthly installments) in Atlanta, GA.

1972 Mercury Monterey right front


Not What It Seems – 1991 Buick Reatta

June 20, 2014

In the mid-1980s, when Buick was actually turbocharging their Regal coupe at various levels, they decided to develop their interpretation of a sports car. While they ultimately failed at creating a sports car, they did create a sufficiently attractive luxury coupe powered by the 3800V6. It was built with an unusual level of assembly by hand, where a team would work on one assembly, and robots would then move the car to the next craft station – for 1991, the owner even received a special sleeve containing the manual, signatures from the supervisors at each craft station, and a pen, flashlight, and tire gauge. Early cars also came with an innovative touch screen control for the radio, climate control, trip computer, and and more. However, by the time the car came out, GM had decided Buick was going to focus on older buyers, and as such, the sports never made it into the car, and the touch screen was dropped for the later model years. You can find this one-of-1241-built 1991 Buick Reatta for sale in Fairfield, CA for an unstated price, or a couple of 26″ wheels and “some $$$”.

1991 Buick Reatta right front


Orphan Species – 1969 Buick Wildcat

May 28, 2014

Sometimes cars show up that seem to have a combination of a bunch of great features, all on four wheels. If you like muscle cars, pillarless hardtop sedans, and space for the whole family, you can’t overlook Buick’s Wildcat, produced from 1965-1970. The 7.0-liter V8 pulls strongly, and you can ride with all the windows down for a nearly-open-air feeling. Check out this 1969 Buick Wildcat, for sale for $2500 in Madras, OR.

1969 Buick Wildcat right front