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Boxer 2+2 – 1988 Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.3

November 12, 2015

Referring again to the Subaru BR-Z for inspiration, a couple of features stick out – the 2+2 configuration, boxer engine, relatively light weight, unfiltered driving experience, and sporty looks. If you did a Venn diagram of the BR-Z and the 1976 – 1989 Alfa Romeo (Alfasud) Sprint, you’d see those features where the two circles overlap. The one critical difference that can’t be overlooked is the front- and rear-wheel-drive dichotomy, though anything you read would suggest front-wheel-drive is a non-issue for the Alfa. On that note, check out this 1988 Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.3 for sale for €3800 ($4100 today) in Salerno, Italy.

1988 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint 1.3 front


Going Abroad – 1975 Alfa Romeo Alfasud

March 24, 2014

If there’s one car that is simultaneously fantastic and likely to have done its manufacturer in if imported to North America, it’s the Alfasud. Amazing to drive, with great handling and a rev-happy flat four, and yet saddled with indifferent quality and unconventional interior design, the ‘sud would have pushed its maker out of the North American market 15 years sooner. It’s too bad, because one could arguably say it was one of the first premium small cars, ages before BMW and Mercedes figured out that compact cars needed to be part of their product lineup. You can find this 1975 Alfa Romeo Alfasud for sale for €2500 ($3459 today).

1975 Alfa Romeo Alfasud right front