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Overshadowed – 1985 BMW 325e

February 14, 2015

BMW’s E30 3-series, once yuppie standard, now cult icon, has a definite pecking order. The M3 is way up at the top, followed by the 325is, 325i, 318is or 325iX, and then much further down, the 325e and 318i. While the early 318i probably can’t get out of its own way, the 325e and 325es are worth a second glance as the favorites creep up in value. While you give up some power, it’s still worth considering this is a relatively light car at around 2500 lb., and you still get the joy of the BMW straight six and excellent shifter, along with the tall greenhouse that’s a classic BMW design trait. Check out this 1985 BMW 325e for sale for $3000 in Berkeley, CA.

1985 BMW 325e right front