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Keeps on Going – 1986 Mercedes 300D and 1995 E300 Diesel

January 8, 2016

Does it seem that new cars need to be everything to everyone? BMWs are now luxurious, Mercedes are now fast, and Lexus and Infiniti were eating everyone’s lunch for a while until the European makers diluted their brands enough to please someone who can’t make up their mind. But if you want modern things like good fuel mileage, decent reliability and most modern power conveniences (wait, what site are we on here??), together with at least 100,000 miles of life still remaining, the W124 Mercedes sedans with a diesel engine are worth a closer look. Of course, there’s no point in subjecting you, the reader, to boring domestic versions you can find in the classifieds on either coast, so instead, check out this 1986 Mercedes 300D for sale for $2900 in Carmel, CA.

1984 Mercedes 300D front


Automatic for the People – 1983 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel

October 2, 2015

Ask most people in our corner of internet-land, and you’ll find they love manual transmission cars, won’t buy anything without a speck of rust, and only if there’s a financial upside. But as we all know, the rules of physics (and the other practical aspects of life) don’t apply there – it’s like building a a dream garage, where factors like budget, your family, and the commute don’t come into the discussion. But if you can accept that real life is a consideration, and if you want to be able to use your classic car more than four times a year – you know, for those two annual shows, a club drive, and the one time you can convince the family they want to ride in a noisy old car that smells of vinyl, burnt oil, and exhaust (the holy trinity!) – then maybe it’s worth compromising on the dream a little to engage some of the most important people in your life in the hobby and still be able to engage in it yourself. And that’s where we come to a great, family friendly classic – the W123 series of Mercedes sedans. Check out this 1983 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel for sale for $3900 in Walnut Creek, CA.

1983 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel right front