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Sunny Skies – 1973 Datsun 1200

June 19, 2016

Sometimes, the rarest version of a car is the stock one. And that’s the case with many Japanese classics – between the cars that died because Japanese cars were considered cheap throwaway appliances (and quite a few still are), and the surviving ones are popular for modifications for drag racing, vintage racing, and showing. So it’s exciting when you find a stock survivor, whether you see it as a blank canvas or just an example to be loved, preserved and brought back to factory spec. So let’s check out this 1973 Datsun 1200 for sale for $3400 in San Francisco, CA.

1973 Datsun 1200 right front



Truck-Off – 1968 International 1200 vs. 1969 Ford F250

May 26, 2015

As mentioned in previous posts, there’s something really appealing about the simplicity and singularity of purpose of a classic American pickup. Before they were trying to be a luxury car, family sedan, commuter vehicle, off-roader and stuff hauler all in one, they were a vehicle with a job to do. Around the time our two feature trucks were built is when perceptions about their purpose started to change, so let’s take a look (and you can probably guess the manufacturer’s philosophy based on which one survived!). Check out this 1968 International 1200 Deluxe for sale for $2600 in Lewis County, WA.

1968 International 1200 Deluxe right front


Japanese Coupes – 1974 Toyota Celica 18RG and 1972 Mazda 1200

February 28, 2014

Recently, the niche Japanese cars that were interesting oddball remnants from a time when their manufacturers were still finding their way in foreign (to them) markets have skyrocketed in price, such that even some projects are no longer affordable to the average enthusiast on a budget (here’s looking at you, Mazda RX series cars). And that’s really a shame, because the Japanese did produce some interesting and sometimes very weird cars. While the Toyota Celica was not particularly weird, it was an attractive little coupe that had some interesting features. Moreover, through attrition they’ve become quite rare, and there’s nothing like not seeing yourself coming and going to give you the warm and fuzzies, and super-extra-double points for being able to pull that off in a Toyota. You can find this 1974 Toyota Celica ST for sale for $2500 in Everett, WA (and listed under Vancouver, BC for some reason).

1974 Toyota Celica left front