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Wedgy! 1986 Subaru XT Turbo 4×4 (plus bonus stripper DL!)

December 26, 2013

Subaru’s first foray beyond purely practical cars, the XT was as close as you could get to owning a new Citroen in North America back in the 1980s (well, without going as far as spending luxury-car money on a CXA or CINA-imported Citroen CX. Crazy wedge styling, flat 4- or 6-cylinder engines, optional air suspension, a 0.29 coefficient of drag, and a very space-age interior made for a very distinctive car, even among the other wedges on American roads back then. What would happen if you showed up at a Citroen show with one of these? Find out with this 1986 Subaru XT Turbo 4×4 for sale in Portland, OR for $3000.

1986 Subaru XT turbo left side