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Umm, 3 Wipers and 3 Shifters? – 1975 UMM Alter

March 9, 2016

When Jeeps, AROs, and Mercedes G-wagens are too boring, you have to do a deep search of online classifieds to find something truly unusual, at least on this continent: the UMM Alter. Conceived in France by a former manufacturer of military Jeep parts and upgrades, the rights were sold to the Portuguese União Metalo-Mecânica, who built the cars using Jeep running gear, a Peugeot diesel engine (among others), and some truly weird front end styling ahead of what could generously be called a big box on wheels. As with Land Rovers, many Alters went to utilities, municipalities, and other organizations needing utility vehicles, though they were not quite as successful in the private sector. They did enjoy a good reputation for durability, which is probably how at least one made it to the US – check out this 1975 UMM Alter for sale for $3600 in Hampstead, NH.

1975 UMM Alter left front