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4AGE Makes it Better – 1986 Toyota Tercel Wagon

May 27, 2015

Toyota’s mid-1980s Tercel wagon has evolved into something of a cult car. Likely pulled up by the rising tide of the competing Civic Wagovan, this oddball Japanese wagon with its funky high-roof styling and pseudo-off-road cues can’t be getting popular because of the driving experience, though – with a meager 63hp to motivate a 2100-lb. wagon (not very porcine, but overwhelming for a 1.5), it’s not going anywhere fast. That said, with an improvement in power-to-weight, owning one of these quirky j-boxes might be a little more fun. Fortunately, someone already came to that conclusion and grabbed a 4AGE from a Corolla FX16 or MR2 and dropped it in an unsuspecting 2wd wagon. Check out this 1986 Toyota Tercel 4AGE wagon for sale for $2000 in Vancouver, WA.

1986 Toyota Tercel Wagon 4AGE right front