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Future Brothers – 1973 Fiat 128 Sport L

December 7, 2013

Who isn’t a sucker for something pretty and Italian? And if it’s an unusual variant of an already-rare model, with some neat modifications, it’s like catnip to us. The Fiat 128 Sport L (also known as an SL, but this is what the badge says), with its innovative sedan underpinnings, was a pretty little coupe that took some of its lines from the Fiat versions of Dinos, not a bad place at all from which to take inspiration. You can also see some of big brother 124 coupe in there. Next to the Sport L, the successor model 128 3P looks more like Fiat’s quick-and-dirty attempt to put together a hatch to compete with the A1 VW Golf. You can find this 1973 Fiat 128 Sport L for sale in Eugene, OR with bidding at $2025, reserve not met, and about 4 days left to go.

1973 Fiat 128 Sport L for sale left front