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Topless Oddball Fox – 1989 Lincoln Mark VII Convertible

February 24, 2016

As most of you probably know, the early 1980s was a tough time for convertibles. Of course, that presented an opportunity for small shops to pop up and do convertible conversions of varying quality, and as the 1980s progressed, mainstream manufacturers were getting back in the game – see the Miata or Chrysler’s K-car based convertibles. However, there were still opportunities for the coachbuilders – among them, Straman most famously did conversions on everything from Honda’s CRX to various European exotics. In between those two extremes, imagine the person who wants something more grown-up than his ’85 Mustang convertible – perhaps its platform-mate, the Lincoln Mark VII, if only someone would chop the top off properly. Thankfully, Ford had an arrangement with Custom Coachbuilders Unlimited, so on that note, have a look at this 1989 Lincoln Mark VII convertible for sale for $2495 somewhere in southern New Hampshire.

1989 Lincoln Mk VII convertible left front