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Bon Marche – 1971 Citroen DS 21

January 16, 2011

Well, this is an unusual find for us, and a car you won’t likely see here in such shape with any regularity. You’re also not likely to see many gold cars here, but for some cars, the usual rules don’t apply. Citroens imprinted themselves on my brain a long time ago – I have vague memories of sitting in the back of what must have been a CXA Prestige when I was a little kid, probably at the Montreal Auto Show. Space age styling, huge interior and comfortable seating are what I remember, and sadly, I have yet to own a Citroen, though I’ve had the fortune to drive a couple over the years.

I found this car via an automotive mailing list I’m subscribed to. And you can see that gold just works on a DS in a way it doesn’t on most other cars. The seller’s grandfather purchased it brand new in 1971, and it’s been in the family since. From the description, it’s in fantastic shape – find it for sale in Reno, NV with an asking price of $3500.

1971 Citroen DS 21 front