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No Golf – 1983 Lancia Delta 1500

April 25, 2014

In the 1970s, when VW’s Golf opened the floodgates to compact hatches as mainstream family transportation, Fiat decided to jump on board too. Four years after the Golf came out, Fiat debuted the Ritmo, and the following year, the Lancia Delta came out. And it’s no surprise the Delta shared some styling cues with the first-generation Golf, as they were both designed by Giugiaro. Interestingly, the car was recognized for its contemporary styling at its debut, and received the 1980 European Car of the Year award. Many enthusiasts are familiar with the HF Integrale version of the Delta, but it’s worth looking at the car’s roots, since with a bit of hindsight, the basic, unspoilered design is quite appealing. You can find this 1983 Lancia Delta 1500 for sale for €2990 ($4138 today) in Ansouis, France.

1983 Lancia Delta 1500 right rear