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Xtra-Caddy – 1982 VW Rabbit Extended Pickup

April 9, 2015

Sometimes, the goal is to do what the others do, but with better bang for your buck. A couple of weeks back, one of the other car blogs (what, there are others?) featured a stretched VW Rabbit pickup in unfinished project condition for a whopping $7500. At RustyButTrusty, it’s time to challenge the notion a rather obscure pickup with questionable build quality (both from the Westmoreland, PA factory and the conversion) should cost as much, as, hmmm… a pretty nice driver BMW 2002. So here we have a rather obscure pickup with questionable factory and post-conversion build quality for the price of, erm, a project BMW 2002. Check out this 1982 VW Rabbit pickup XtraCab conversion, for sale for $2650 in Olympia, WA.

1982 VW Rabbit Pickup left side


One-Grand Dubs – 1980 VW Rabbit Pickup and 1988 VW Quantum Syncro Wagon

February 4, 2014

Two grand too much for your collector car? Well, that’s where VW comes in – it’s the car for Volks like you. Once you get this close to the 3-digit range, things start getting a little doubtful. You start forgoing some systems you’d normally expect to work, or being much more accepting of cosmetic issues. And really, who needs a heater, or electric windows that go up *and* down? Just make sure to steam clean the interior if there are any suspicious smells or spots! First up is this 1980 VW Rabbit Pickup for sale for $1000 in Puyallup, WA.

1980 VW Caddy right side