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On the Road – Bernal GT 100 in the 1979 Alfetta GT

February 1, 2010

Just to prove the cars all work, occasionally they actually get to do more than just run out to the shop for maintenance and smog-related work (don’t ask me what I’m currently doing to get the Beta through smog). The message came through late last week that the weather was good enough for the inaugural run of the Bernal GT100, and since the spider hasn’t been out in a while, we picked it to be the car for the day. So you might ask, why are there no pictures of the spider? Well, at 8:45am on an empty stomach, the battery (despite being disconnected) decided to fail after a bit of cranking the car over on the starter. So the Alfetta got the opportunity to step in, which was just as well since it ended up being rather cold & foggy on the early part of the run. And of course, being the scruffiest looking car I own, it fired up on the first try!

Luckily I’d had the foresight to fill it up last week, and since I hadn’t cleaned up the fuses or grounds, which has been causing some brown-outs with headlights, radio, and radar detector on, I cracked open the windows and listened to Alfa music instead. After grabbing some breakfast at our favorite coffee shop near Kim’s old place, we headed up to the Diamond Heights Safeway for the meet-up. Yup, the Bernal GT 100 started in Diamond Heights – I’m guessing because of the convenience of parking, coffee, and pastries all in one place.

Bernal GT 100 Porsche 914