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Snow Mobile – 1986 Subaru GL 4WD Wagon

October 15, 2013

Considering their popularity as cult cars, and their reputation for durability, the pre-1990s Subarus seem to have largely disappeared from the roads. Perhaps, as with Alfas, you’ll see more of these if you’re in the Subaru (or Japanese Classic Car) scene, but for your average Johnny-on-the-street, they might as well have gone the way of the Peugeot or the Yugo. While they’re not terribly fast, and in fact are slow, they get bonus points for being leaders with the all-wheel-drive wagon package, and having a flat four engine. It’s not an original question, but what has been done to retrofit the older cars with turbocharged powertrains? While you’re contemplating that question, take a look at this 1986 Subaru GL 4WD wagon, listed for a mere $1400 in Santa Clara, CA.

1986 Subaru GL wagon right front