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Must Be Coupe Week – 1988 Mercedes 300CE

April 14, 2016

If you like the style of Mercedes’ sedan-derived coupes, but don’t want to put up with some of the downsides of the earlier W123 diesels, or the higher price for those in good condition, you can try searching for a European market W123 280CE or 230CE. But if you’d like to own a Mercedes coupe in your lifetime, perhaps it’s worth another look at the W124 300CE. Equipped with Mercedes’ 177hp inline six, throttle response should be significantly better than its predecessors, though you’ll pay for it in fuel costs (especially now diesel is actually cheaper than gasoline). Moreover, while the W123 coupes are certainly attractive, the shape of the W124 seems to have had a more successful coupe conversion. Check out this 1988 Mercedes 300CE for sale for $3650 in Chehalis, WA.

1988 Mercedes 300CE right front