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No Letter – 1966 Chrysler 300

July 18, 2016

If your interests are more focused on sports and performance cars, but you’ve been curious about the world of American luxury cars of the mid-20th century, the offerings from Chrysler should sound like a good gateway drug – with a greater focus on handling and performance than, say, Cadillac or Lincoln, you can have the large-car experience without having to give up all pretense of roadholding. You also get the what-was-once-old-is-new-again mid-century modern styling, of which some of the best examples are the Elwood Engel-designed Lincolns and Chryslers. Plus, you get to say your car was designed by a guy called Elwood. Let’s take a look at this 1966 Chrysler 300 for sale for $4500 in Seattle, WA.

1966 Chrysler 300 left front



Sporty Fuselage – 1969 Chrysler 300 Coupe

July 6, 2013

Although I have a definite proclivity for European cars, since that’s my experience, here at RustyButTrusty we do not exclude any particular type of car. However, leaning toward oddballs often implicitly means you’re not going to see many American cars here, since collectively they’re pretty common in the US! There is some kind of opposites-attract appeal to the insanely large American cars – I used to hate these cars as a child, probably because they were all over the place, holding our Saab 99 up and belching blue smoke from years of service. However, at this point they’re fairly rare, and as such I think the remaining cars are interesting for what they say about the conditions under which they were conceived. In the fat years leading up to the late 1970s and onwards, US manufacturers offered all kinds of derivatives (models and sub-models) of what was basically the same platform. So for example, for the new fuselage bodies in 1969, Chrysler offered the Newport, Newport Custom, New Yorker, Town & Country, and the 300. Within the 300 model, there was a coupe, convertible, and pillarless sedan. Today’s car is a 300 coupe, listed for $1500/$2500 in Falling Waters, WV.

1969 Chrysler 300 left front