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504’s Little Brother – 1971 Peugeot 304

October 2, 2009

Certainly a rare car in this country, the Peugeot 304 was styled to look like the 504. They are reasonably advanced for the time, with full-independent suspension and a transversely mounted alloy SOHC 1.3L engine and transmission turning the front wheels. They may have only had 65hp, but compared to other small sedans at the time, this is fairly competitive. I would wager that not many were imported to the US, although the lighting on this car suggests that it was indeed officially imported to the US. Check out this example located in St. Mary, MO (near St. Louis) for the bon marche price of $1000!

As you can see, it’s actually in pretty good shape. Remove the wind deflector since your 65hp engine doesn’t need any extra drag or weight, and make sure that hood closes properly and is not bent. If you squint a bit, the US-market headlights could have you thinking you’re looking at some kind of Datsun 510. It’s nice to see that the car is fully intact – often weird Euro-sedans have suffered in storage or in the attempts of previous owners to restore them.

1971 Peugeot 304 left