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1970 Opel Kadett

August 5, 2009

This might be a little obscure, but then, so is my angle on this whole hobby. I’ve always wanted an excuse to share some German song lyrics, so here they are, relevant because they’re about cars:

Jeder Popel fährt ‘nen Opel / Every booger drives an Opel
Jeder Affe fährt ‘nen Ford / Every monkey drives a Ford
Jeder Blödmann fährt ‘nen Porsche / Every idiot drives a Porsche
Jeder Arsch ‘nen Audi Sport / Every ass an Audi Sprot
Jeder Spinner fährt ‘nen Manta / Every wacko drives a Manta
Jeder Dödel Jaguar / Every muppet Jaguar
Nur Genießer fahren Fahrrad / Only bon vivants ride a bicycle
Und sind immer schneller da / And are always faster there

I think it’s by a German group called die Prinzen… basically insulting all drivers of the above-mentioned cars and saying how you get there quicker by bike. If you’ve seen any German city centers lately, you’ll no doubt agree.

Anyway, the first line always stuck in my head and came back to mind when I saw this cute little primrose yellow Opel Kadett, listed in Black Hawk, CO by the original owner for $3000. There’s something to be said for older cars in period colors, and this color suits this subcompact just right, second only to the Rallye package with driving lights and stripes.

1970 Opel Kadett front