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Rusty But Trusty On The Field – All Italian Show

October 17, 2013

Every year, there’s a fun, laid-back show for owners of Italian cars in the area surrounding Alameda, CA, just south of Oakland, to park their cars on the field and enjoy each other’s company. Each year brings the usual gaggle of Fiat and Alfa spiders, along with various Alfa sedans and some more unusual cars, like an Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Cabriolet, two DeTomaso Mangustas, and even a Fiat 131 sedan. The one thing that’s always surprising is the number of nicer Alfas parked outside the show field. You often overhear people saying they didn’t have the time to wash the car, or that it really needs some paint, but c’mon, people, this is not Pebble Beach! And if someone has a problem with you driving in in your spider that you haven’t washed since March, they can go to a car show that costs $250 instead of $5. Our first example of people who agree with this perspective is below – a red Fiat X1/9 that looks well-used, well-loved, and ready to keep going.



Pick ‘n’ Pull Palooza – 1971 Fiat Spider and 1986 Fiat X1/9

September 15, 2013

The local Pick ‘n’ Pull junkyards 9excuse me, automotive recycling centers) up in western Washington seem to be having a good run of Fiats lately, so it’s become worthwhile to highlight some of the offerings. Fiat spiders are still a great bargain compared to other comparable cars, and as a result, the earlier ones with small bumpers and more elegant detailing are becoming harder and harder to find. This 1971 spider should have the 1608cc twincam engine under the early smooth hood, and is available in Olympia, WA for $1100.

1971 Fiat 124 spider left front


Tasteful Upgrades – 1984 Bertone X1/9

April 3, 2010

Every time I see one of these, I think about how much fun it would be to drive one. Owning one, maybe a bit more challenging (comments?). But I also think about how the scaffolding-style bumpers they added in 1975, and the battering-ram style ones they went to in about 1979, would be way nicer if they made like a tree. Ideally, it would have a bit more power, and be smog test exempt, while we’re dreaming. At any rate, with even a base model, you could try your hand at auto-crossing, have a blast on country roads without coming near breaking the law, and telling MR2 drivers what’s what.

Anyway, as far as our dreaming was concerned, this car hits two out of three on the wishlist. In a smart two-tone silver and grey, it’s been upgraded with the more minimalist 1974-style bumpers, and has the more powerful 1500 engine. At $3000, it’s listed in Columbia, TN (near Nashville).

1984 Bertone X1/9 right