The Underdog – 1972 BMW Bavaria Two-Fer

This might come as a surprise, but this site is all about the underdog cars. Well, mostly. And often times, the underdog can be an equally capable vehicle that has less desirable styling – consider the Falcon as a 4-door Mustang, the Alfa Berlina as a 4-door GTV, or the Maserati Quattroporte as a 4-door Sebring/3500. Sure, the 2-doors are all great looking cars, but they cost more, and you can’t bring your friends along. And who of you doesn’t secretly hope that a ride in a classic car will bring another convert into the fold? So when you walk up to a stranger’s door with Bible (AKA repair manual) in hand and clean coveralls on, you should be driving door-to-door in exhibit one in the conversion tool kit, this 1972 BMW Bavaria for sale for $4000 in San Luis Obispo, CA.

1972 BMW Bavaria blue left rear

Could this be the Laguna blue that was available on the E46 M3? Either way, this is a gorgeous shade of blue that works really well with the chestnut interior – actually a rather Italian color combination, wouldn’t you say? The car looks to have a little oxidation, but if that’s the original paint, a little careful wet sanding and waxing might bring it back. And everything looks pretty straight, with all trim present – the only thing that seems a little out of place is the wheels, which look like something off a base-spec 2500 instead of a Bavaria.

1972 BMW Bavaria blue right front

The seller’s description is limited to “recent work. runs good.”, so it’s up to the reader to get in touch for more detail. Fortunately, this car has a manual transmission, so you can wind out the famous six for maximum joy. Is that rear glass actually dead flat?

1972 BMW Bavaria blue interior

The interior looks to be in rather decent condition – likely to need a good cleaning, but not much more. Does the a/c work? No, silly, that’s why we put the blind in the windshield. The Nardi steering wheel in wood is a classy touch on the chrome and wood interiors on these older BMWs – on newer cars it has more of a “klassy” effect.

1972 BMW Bavaria white right front

In case $4000 is too rich for your blood, and you’re willing to invest a little effort, check out this 1972 BMW Bavaria, for sale in Philadelphia, PA for only $2500. The seller has not been able to take any more pictures because the car is in storage, which seems to be Snow-Statese for “there’s 6 feet of snow piled against the door and I can’t get it out”. However, the one picture given is a pretty good one, and the seller offers much detail on recent work, including a rebuilt engine and new tires, brakes, and fluids. The car is running and driving, but needs attention to the carbs – a good chance to convert to Webers if it hasn’t already been done. A 4-speed transmission is also included since the car is an automatic, which begs the question, why not go 5-speed?


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One Response to “The Underdog – 1972 BMW Bavaria Two-Fer”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    I don’t know if an Alfa Berliner can be considered an underdog anymore, they seem to have gotten spendy the last few years. I know I’d love to have one.

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