More Underdog – 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

Here at RustyButTrusty, we’re endless defenders of the Alfetta’s honor. Apparently, the joys of the Alfetta are being recognized in other parts of the world, but here their reputation has been somewhat permanently damaged by all the modifications required to make them conform to then-new environmental and safety regulations. At this point, most states will let you toss the one major safety modification you really don’t want if you care about performance – the bumpers – and many states also don’t care if you dump the primitive emissions equipment on a car that only gets driven a few thousand miles per year (damn you, California!). Even within the confines of California laws, there are some changes you can make (1750 cams, 10:1 pistons) the smog police won’t be able to see, although that’s only worth doing if you’re already doing an engine rebuild. You can find this seemingly stock 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT for sale for $3500 in Oakland, CA.

1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT right rear

Hmm, Avorio, how you remind one of the computers of the mid-1990s. This must have been one of the most popular car colors of its time – BMWs, VWs, and Alfa Romeos, among others, all wore some variation of this color, call it cream, ivory, or sahara. Apparently, paint manufacturers decided on a full 180-degree turnaround from the safety colors of the early 1970s. And with everyone fitting battering ram bumpers to their cars, who cared if you got in an accident as long as your car was wearing the trendiest natural tone color?

1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT left front

This car is being sold by an anti-seller, that is to say, someone whose effort to market the car extends to putting up a couple of quick snaps and a minimal description, and who spends more time saying they don’t want their time wasted and describing method of payment, rather than giving an actual description of the car. To be fair, the seller’s daughter in law is listing it for him, but a couple of details to attract attention would be helpful. So what can you tell from the pictures? Well, the car looks largely rust-free, aside from a couple of possible spots under the rear window. And the front bumper is a little beat-up, but who cares since you’ll be converting to stainless anyway? If you find more details, post back in the comments!


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