QSW – 1986 VW Quantum Syncro Wagon

It’s pretty odd how when you find one rare car, another two or three pop up at the same time. After featuring a B2 Passat Avant (known as the Quantum Syncro Wagon in the North American market, or QSW), another one popped up in substantially better condition, even if the color is not as attractive. You can find this 1986 Volkswagen Quantum Syncro wagon for sale for $2500 in South Everett, WA (the same town, even!). Everett is clearly a QSW hotspot.

1986 VW Quantum Syncro left side

Finished in a bronzey-metallic non-color, this car looks to be in great shape, in spite of its 213,000 miles. Parked into the bushes is not really the best angle for marketing a car, but the seller has done much recent work, including a new heater core, clutch, water pump, oil pump, all brakes, suspension bushings, ball joints, various seals, and more the seller can’t recall.

1986 VW Quantum Syncro interior

The car also has 2 sets of wheels, one set of GTI-style snowflakes wearing Bridgestone Blizzaks, and one set of unspecified type, presumably with summer tires. Because the Seattle area gets so much snow you really need two sets of tires? The car is also said to have good compression, and the heated seats are clean with no noticeable wear.

1986 VW Quantum Syncro left front

Looks good from this side too. Since this is effectively an Audi with different skin, is the driving experience similar? Based on Audi’s reputation, one would think the naturally aspirated engine is not terribly quick, but… could one fit a turbo to this engine as in the Audi 5000? Any kind of upgrades following that path might make this a very stealthy Avant box.


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